To preserve your sleep, think of blackout blinds!

To preserve your sleep, think of blackout blinds!

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Preserving the quality of our sleep is a major issue today as there are disruptive factors that affect its comfort: outside noise, invasive light or heat in the room can cause night awakenings. Think of the VELUX solutions that will take care of our nights so that they are as beautiful as our days.

Sleep: more comfort and well-being

For a peaceful and restful sleep, there is the bedding of course, our lifestyle too, but also our windows and their accessories. Because, if they are efficient, they will make us gain in comfort and sleep well-being, for sure. The VELUX INTEGRA® smart window system for example, blackout blinds or roller shutters help us to have a more qualitative sleep today. And as we spend 1/3 of our life in our bed, investing to sleep better becomes a preventive measure.

Blackout blinds for optimized darkness

"It is the most complete darkness which favors the best secretion of melatonin and a good quality sleep. Maintaining even a weak light can favor the awakenings at night"* according to the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV). And yet, the light coming from outside called "light pollution" is the second disturbing factor of sleep recognized by the French. ** It is therefore essential to install in his room the most effective occultation solutions to maintain a perfect darkness conducive to restful sleep. This is what VELUX offers in particular with its collection of blackout blinds: manual or remote-controlled, in polyester canvas lined with a metallic film, which offer a tested level of blackout of 99.8%, day and night, and whatever the color of the blind chosen. Ideal blinds for restful mornings at weekends, without being woken up by day at 6 a.m.

Comfortable roof windows to reduce noise

Enemy n ° 1 of sleep: outside noise. This is a major challenge against which the latest generation glazing is a real rampart and precious allies for our nights. 45.3% of us consider transport noise as a disturbing factor. ** A major innovation in the search for comfort, VELUX All Comfort windows are fitted with a patented Rain Noise Control system which provides exceptional insulation and keeps the impact noises of driving rain below the waking threshold, at 48 dB. In addition, the All Comfort window also offers acoustic protection against surrounding noise (road and air), with a façade classification of 35 dB. So we have more peaceful nights…

Keep the room at the right temperature to sleep well

To make it easier to fall asleep, do you know that our body temperature should drop slightly below 37 °? Suffice to say that the bet is almost impossible in a room at the heat wave. Unless you equip your roof windows with external sun blinds which stop the sun's rays before they reach the glazing, and thus block up to 86% of the heat during the day, thus forming ideally, additional equipment for blackout interior blinds. And for windows that are already preparing the house of tomorrow, VELUX INTEGRA® smart windows manage our well-being for us, by offering 8 comfort programs: ventilating our room 15 minutes before bed and automatically closing the windows. shutters for example. Our sleep is precious but fragile, so let's preserve it with suitable comfort! * Sleep, A notebook to better understand, INSV, //www.sante.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/Sommeil_un_carnet_pour_mieux_comprendre.pdf ** Sleep Day 2015, Sleep and Nutrition, Table p.28, //www.institut- sleep-vigilance.org/la-journee-du-sommeil Presented by VELUX®.