A cradle with the spirit of yesteryear for babies

A cradle with the spirit of yesteryear for babies

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In the baby's bedroom, the classic crib is no longer the only master on board because the cradle is back in force with its old style. Completely retro style or revisited cradle, you have the choice!

Traditional retro cradles

Before contemporary cribs, infants slept in cradles, these special rocking or hanging beds that allow the child to be cradled gently. To give a retro style to the room, we still find this type of cradle with many curtains and materials like rattan for example. We will therefore favor a model with a beautiful canopy in order to play the traditional card and create a cocoon of softness for baby. You will find wooden or white models that will set the tone for the baby's room. For an even more advanced style, some models reproduce the large wicker strollers of yesteryear.

Revisited cradles

If you like the concept of the cradle but want to avoid the retro spirit, know that you will also find revisited cradles. The lines are then more contemporary, the shapes more daring and the colors more trendy. For a contemporary model, prefer simple lines and without too much textile to dress the entire bed. Among the many models, you will find cradles which have eliminated the canopy for a more modern side, models which sport gray or taupe and others who have squarely chosen an innovative material such as cardboard to create a cradle ecological.

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