DIY wedding: making an origami bridal bouquet

DIY wedding: making an origami bridal bouquet

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You don't like cut flowers? Do you want some originality? Do you want to keep your bouquet for life? So, all you have to do is opt for the origami bridal bouquet. The renderings are truly magnificent and you can do it exactly as you wish. It will not ask you for a lot of material or a lot of work, only a lot of patience… And if you are really patient, you can even match your bouquet with the rest of the decoration of your wedding, all in origami, why not? Are you tempted? So follow the guide! Bring with you: - 5 small colored and / or patterned paper squares of 7 x 7cm, for a flower. It's up to you to count what you need depending on the number of flowers you would like in your bouquet! - glue - paper clips - wire for the rods (or wooden skewers) - a ribbon - a polystyrene sphere or half-sphere (optional)
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