3 trendy ideas to light up the pool

3 trendy ideas to light up the pool

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Having a swimming pool at home is a luxury. So enjoy it both day and night! Opt for beautiful lighting that will highlight your pool in the middle of the garden, and that's how to give it a style worthy of a chic tropical terrace. Our top 3 in terms of decorative lighting accessories to achieve this brilliantly.

Luminous ribbons for chic lighting

A light ribbon (to find at XanLite), several decorative possibilities! Some will run it around the pool. Others, more minimalist, will fix a luminous ribbon on the fence overhanging the swimming pool to illuminate it in beauty!

Luminous pots for clever lighting

By choosing light pots (at less than 50 € at Castorama), we give them a double function: to wear our palm trees by day, illuminate the pool at night and, at the same time, delimit the outdoor space in the dark! It is enough to align them on one or more sides. The rendering is graphic and 100% chic.

Luminous balls for poetic lighting

Imagine giant flakes floating on the surface of the water. Real wonderful lights in the garden! What you need: waterproof luminous balls, white or with changing colors for a very decorative effect ... Our garden videos