The new Indesit wetsuits

The new Indesit wetsuits

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Indesit is launching a new range of wetsuits that integrate fridge and freezer with lots of practical options. Indeed, the brand has thought about a more qualitative approach for these products, particularly in terms of food preservation. In addition to their technological evolution, the new Indesit combis also offer a new design with straighter lines for an aesthetic combining elegance and modernity.

No Frost option

In the freezer section, Indesit is betting on its No Frost option. Thanks to this, zero frost formation thanks to the ventilated cold. In single, you will no longer need to defrost your freezer. A real bargain and a real time saver. In the refrigerator part, the new ventilated fan and the column called Multiflow keep more than 70% of humidity. Clearly, you will no longer need to cover your food to prevent the meats from drying out or the fruits and vegetables becoming talented.

The Flexi Box drawer

Inside this new generation combi, Indesit invents the Flexi Box, a sliding drawer fitted with a lid. This is modular on two levels: the lower level will allow the conservation of meat and fish (between - 1 ° and 2 ° C) and the upper level will be ideal for the conservation of fruits, vegetables and dairy products (between 4 ° and 6 ° C). But what really interests us is the Sliding System. You will find 7 cm sliding shelves which facilitate the visibility and accessibility of food.

And more…

We also discover in this combi ice cube trays called "Easy Ice". They are completely modular and close hermetically to avoid getting water everywhere! Subsequently, the defrosting indicator, integrated into the freezer door, will prove to be a very useful function because it allows you to know immediately what is happening after a power failure, and thus guarantees food safety. If the yellow and red liquids of the Indesit logo are at the top, everything is ok. If the red liquid is at the top and the yellow is at the bottom, it means that the power cut was brief. There are only 7 days left to eat frozen food. If the yellow and red liquids are at the bottom, then there you have to throw out all the food. You have been warned! After all these great qualities, you will not be surprised to discover that the Indesit combi is classified A +++ energy level, a good note to reduce your electricity bills.
Dimensions: H 178 x W 60 x D 63 Available in white and silver From 499 euros More On Indesit


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