Before / After: add cachet to a new construction

Before / After: add cachet to a new construction

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The retro style has definitely been on the rise for a few years, so individuals are increasingly looking to appropriate an authentic and vintage atmosphere for their interior decoration. It is with this in mind that the owners of a beautiful Toulouse apartment called on the architectural agency Aparté Conseils: they dreamed of a family kitchen with a bistro look for their freshly renovated accommodation. The architect Emilie Perruchet took up the challenge of bringing cachet and a warm atmosphere to this totally new space. Explanations in pictures.

Harmonious cuisine on a low budget

Before : The kitchen is located on the top floor of an old building, in a recently built raised part. The interior design must therefore be defined from A to Z: the owners wish to bring a touch of experience to their future kitchen which has no old elements or architectural vestiges.
After : The agency Aparté Conseils imagined and created a family and warm kitchen while respecting a rather tight budget. The room is full of decorative tips at low prices for a very harmonious result. The light wood kitchen furniture (Bricoman) has handles that are in fact refrigerator hinges from a wholesaler specializing in cold room items! The wall lighting is also DIY: wine boxes, sanded and tinted the same color as the furniture, have been fixed to the walls and are used to support desk lamps to light the worktop. The Habitat pendant lights and the AM.PM table bring an industrial touch to this bright and cozy kitchen.

Create a warm atmosphere

Before : The kitchen, central room located on the floor of a duplex, serves two bedrooms on one side and an outdoor terrace on the other. Its asset? The high double slope ceiling. Its disadvantages, the glass part above the tall furniture which lights up one of the two bedrooms, as well as the bay window which occupies the entire width of the main wall. It is therefore impossible for the architect to install furniture there.
After : The furniture was distributed between the two vacant walls, one of which adjoins a bedroom. Rather than installing a credenza, Emilie Perruchet opted for blue exterior wall paint. This very soft shade is reminiscent of that of tiling (Castorama) while giving depth to the room. The cement tile imitation floor covering was chosen to bring a real touch of authenticity to the kitchen, which has metamorphosed over the course of the work into a friendly and welcoming place!


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