The superhero table decor for his birthday

The superhero table decor for his birthday

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With the success of superhero movies in theaters, your little blond heads swear by Superman, Hulk or Captain America? And if you made them happy by imagining for their little birthday party a table decoration in the colors of their favorite character? Plates, goblets, tablecloth, all the accessories have spread the word to create a real atmosphere for D-Day. Demonstration with our shopping selection! This year, head to our children's favorite comics for their birthday decorations. First step: buy the dishes, and not just any! The latter must be in the theme of superheroes. The cart full of paper plates and plastic cups with Avengers prints is yours! Next, think of practical accessories, such as the tablecloth and napkins. Ditto that for the dishes, bet on the models which use the Batman logos or the portrait of Spiderman. If you are not a fan of tablecloths, you can also opt for "Superman" placemats. Finally, add some decorative ideas that will make the difference on the table when it comes time to taste it. A Hulk-shaped centerpiece, spiders with the spider-man logo and a few Batman cupcake toppers and you're sure to have a good atmosphere every time!
1. The Superman placemat, € 2 at Gifi / 2. The 8 Avengers cups, € 2.40 at La Récré C'est Party! / 3. The 6 Amazing Spiderman straws, € 1.90 at Rue de la Fête / 4. The Batman plastic tablecloth, € 4.19 at Cultura / 5. The 16 Amazing Spiderman napkins, € 3.50 at / 6. The 8 cardboard plates "Avengers Superheroes", € 2.79 at Déco à Gogo / 7. The 24 Batman toppers, € 2.79 at Amazon / 8. The Avengers centerpiece, € 8.49 at VegaooParty


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