Are you really using all the capabilities of your microwave?

Are you really using all the capabilities of your microwave?

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The microwave has a bad reputation. However, this small appliance has revolutionized our daily lives and offers many possibilities. Indeed, the microwave is not only used to heat your leftovers or your hot chocolate! Do you really know how to use your microwave? Let's check together!

A microwave for cooking

In the kitchen, the microwave is a real clerk. At low power, between 100 and 300 watts, it has the advantage of defrosting food, keeping a dish warm, simmering, raising a dough or simply reheating small quantities. Be aware that the more fragile a food, the lower the power to reheat or defrost it.
At medium power, between 300 and 600 watts, the microwave delicately heats and melts certain foods such as chocolate or butter, so it is very useful for lovers of pastries. At high power, the microwave makes it possible to make a hot drink, to reheat large quantities of food or an individual portion but quickly. It is also possible to steam vegetables or fish!

The unexpected advantages of the microwave oven

Today, cooking in the microwave is synonymous with saving time. In fact, thanks to the special containers or the wrappers signed Tupperware or Lékué, you can prepare a meal on the go and yet, perfectly balanced. Those who prefer sugar will enjoy the Mug Cakes, small cakes that are prepared in a mug and that can be cooked in a few minutes in the microwave.
Some uses will even make your life easier! Place your garlic head in the microwave for 20 seconds at full power and it will peel very easily. Heat your fresh herbs in the same way, you will dry them and keep them for a very long time. Finally, your sponge can be disinfected in the microwave, two minutes at full power is enough!