Before / After: Merge two service rooms to create a modern and bright apartment

Before / After: Merge two service rooms to create a modern and bright apartment

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On the top floor of Parisian buildings there are often several good, small and dilapidated rooms. In the Ménilmontant district, an owner had the idea of ​​combining two of them to form a beautiful attic apartment: a major project that he entrusted to the architect Gali Sulukjian in order to develop this new surface and rethink the arrangement of spaces. The key is a modern apartment with a large living room and lots of storage! After having knocked down several partitions, created a new kitchen and removed certain elements from the existing architecture, Gali Sulukjian knew how to breathe new life into this two-room attic apartment, which has become as functional as it is warm! Area : 29 m² Budget : € 35,000 excl.

Put everything flat

Before : The two service rooms have not been renovated for several years. The insulation needs to be reviewed from top to bottom (wall and windows), the parquet needs to be sanded and vitrified and the storage space rethought. To merge the two rooms, the partition separating them must be removed; access and different spaces (living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) will be completely reorganized.

After : The multitude of small rooms has disappeared in favor of a large bright living room and a master bedroom. Several partitions were knocked down, allowing light to pass through the apartment on both sides. The little closets under the windows, impractical, have given way to a beautiful library which brings a cozy touch to the decoration.

An open, contemporary and bright kitchen

Before : The kitchen is located in a closed, tiny and dilapidated room, which prevents light from entering the living room. The loss of space is significant and the kitchen offers little storage: the whole must be redesigned from A to Z!
After : Gali Sulukjian opted for the removal of the partition that separated the living room from the kitchen. The latter is now open onto a nice dining area composed of a Tulip table (Knoll) and Eames seats (Vitra). Installed on a sloping surface, the kitchen furniture was deliberately chosen in white tones to diffuse the outside light as much as possible, which now crosses the apartment on both sides. The credenza (Patricia Urquiola) and the solid oak worktop counterbalance the refined style of the furniture, while recalling the brown tones of the old parquet floor.

Focus on storage, practical and discreet

Before : The two maid's rooms offer only a few storage possibilities: their location under the roofs prevents the installation of a cupboard or tall furniture. A row of cupboards was therefore created on the base, but these are now obsolete and insufficient to store all of the owner's personal belongings. After : A discreet and effective solution has been found to create storage spaces without encroaching on the floor surface. An invisible dressing room installed on a rail system and completely nested in a sloping space, appears as if by magic when you pull the handle. An ingenious storage system that is also completely invisible! Gali Sulukjian, architect DPLG


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