PVC window: how to renovate it?

PVC window: how to renovate it?

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Most of the windows sold in France are made of PVC. This success is explained by the numerous advantages brought by this material derived from plastic. PVC is characterized by good insulating power and is available in various colors. It is also a robust and durable material, without forgetting the fact that it is economical to buy. There are two ways to renovate a PVC window: partial renovation and total renovation. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation for window installation works

Partially renovating a PVC window

When you want to undertake renovation work on a window, the first step is to observe the condition of the existing frame (frame or fixed part). If it is still in good condition, it will not be essential to replace the window entirely. It will suffice to make some basic repairs. Depending on the nature of the damage, you will repair the seals, replace the glazing, remove scratches in the PVC, etc. These are relatively simple repairs that you can do yourself. After completing the repairs, you can start the partial renovation, which consists of keeping the old frame and installing new glazing. This usually involves designing a custom window. Regarding the installation, the intervention lasts only about an hour and the operation is not very expensive. Indeed, this is a simple site that does not require the use of paint or masonry work.

Completely renovate a PVC window

By opting for a complete renovation, you will have to unclog the old window (opening and standing) and replace it with a new one. In fact, if your window is too old or in poor condition, the glazing, the joinery and the frame are probably too fragile and must be replaced. It is a more complex operation than partial renovation work. The duration of the works can be between one and three hours and these require a lot of precaution. It is advisable to work in a team to avoid incidents. Before starting the site, you must plan painting, carpentry, fittings, finishes, after completing the installation of a new window. This type of intervention is generally left to renovation professionals, since a total renovation of the window can risk destroying the decoration of a room, if it is poorly done.

The qualities of PVC for window renovation

PVC is the cheapest material, while being the most profitable in terms of quality / price. If your original windows were already made of PVC, by choosing to renovate with a new PVC window, you will preserve the architecture of the room. PVC is also a very popular material for its acoustic and thermal insulation qualities. More and more professionals are considering PVC as the reference material for construction and renovation, because it is difficult to alter.