I put a wall spot

I put a wall spot

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One light down, another up ... I found the solution to properly illuminate my staircase: put a spotlight. The operation is simple to carry out and does not take more than half an hour, provided of course not to mix the brushes in the electric wires. That said, there are only three!

Step 1 - I take my equipment

To tell the truth, I don't need much. My spot of course, in this case with two lamps - but it could just as easily have three or four, and two screwdrivers (flat and cruciform), even a small electric screwdriver. The hardware is supplied with the spot. I do not forget, of course, before starting, to cut the power.

Step 2 - I remove the cover

In my case, it is useless to drill holes since the electrician who took care of the house pre-positioned covers around the arrivals of electric wires. So I just have to start by removing the cover that previously housed the socket and bulb by unscrewing it and then disconnecting the wires.

Step 3 - I prepare the installation of the support

I remove the two screws inserted in the wall, it is in their places that I will then install the support of my wall lamp. Dimensions are standard. If I had not had this cover, I should have simply positioned my support in the desired location, then drill and peg with 6 mm dowels - which is not very difficult either!

Step 4 - I locate the electrical wires

Once my electricity supply is ready to accommodate my spots, I locate my electrical wires by their color code. Green and yellow correspond to the protective wire to earth; it will not be useful to me. Light blue is the neutral conductor carrying current. The purple wire is the one that will allow the back and forth between my two switches, located at the top and bottom of the stairs of course.

Step 5 - I put my fixing bracket

I then screw the fixing bracket of my wall lamp to the wall, in the dedicated locations. Two strokes of the screwdriver and voila. I check that it holds well since it is she who will then support my spots.

Step 6 - I connect the wires

Blue with blue, purple with purple… My wall lamp is already equipped with dominoes (in my case, I have to change it because those of the manufacturer will give me a bit of a hard time) in which I insert my bare wires, before screwing. It is important then to tighten well, to avoid false contacts later. As for the yellow and green wire, I simply put it "in its hole" since it is not useful to me.

Step 7 - I position my wall lamp

After placing the screws in the locations of my mounting bracket, I position my wall lamp by rotating it and placing it correctly around my two screws, then I fix it. I finally orient my spots as I see fit, so as to illuminate my staircase as well as possible.

Step 8 - I admire the end result

And there was light ! Well almost. I still have one last step: put light bulbs, of course!
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