Scoop, an ice cream scoop like no other

Scoop, an ice cream scoop like no other

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The sun is out and the temperatures are finally in season… this is what makes us want to cool off with delicious frosty delicacies. But, before making pretty round balls like in a restaurant, you will need a little training… Unless you equip yourself with the right accessory: an ice cream scoop of course, but be careful, not just any! The editorial 'presents Scoop, the original ice cream scoop available at Glop Studio that will make your life in the kitchen easier this summer.

Glop Studio, when kitchen accessories are efficient and innovative

Anyone who (regularly) takes a look at Instagram's account, must surely have come across the Spread That butter spreader test! from Glop Studio. As a reminder, this heating knife, design and innovative allows by a simple transfer of body heat from the hand to cut and spread the butter, even the coldest! A beautiful high-tech product that makes life in the kitchen easier when preparing toast or buttering rusks without breaking them.

An ice cream scoop, your summer ally

For summer 2015, Glop Studio is launching a new innovative process, this time with an ice cream scoop, Scoop! Its secret: the liquid in the handle makes it possible to constantly heat the edge which is in the middle of the structure. At the end of the ridge, a ring connected to the spoon acts as a heat conductor and allows to fully heat the spoon and more particularly the contours. Thus, the scoop of ice does not stick to the inside of the spoon and your scoops of ice cream are perfect in just a few seconds. Suffice to say that your hardest blocks of ice will not resist him!
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