How to arrange a DIY corner?

How to arrange a DIY corner?

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Whether in the garage or in the basement, having a DIY corner is as useful as it is practical. So all your tools are gathered, sorted and stored. The space is secure for you and your children and allows you to work with peace of mind. Setting up a DIY corner means first of all choosing the elements that will make it up. For advice, we called a specialized company, Univers Garage, the manager himself, William Guillot, who answered us.

The essential elements of the DIY corner

A DIY corner consists first of all of a workbench with a solid wooden worktop. Univers Garage offers two types. The first is in solid beech known for its robustness, the second is in bamboo, a resistant and rot-proof wood. The DIY corner must also have storage space. The ideal is to opt for the cabinet which offers a large capacity and a servant who will always have your tools at hand. When not in use, the servant simply stores under the workbench! The various storage spaces that make up the DIY corner are made of steel, a very solid material. So that they keep a pleasant appearance and that the possible blows are not too visible, Univers Garage offers elements with embossed surfaces.

Optimized storage on the walls

In a garage, the walls are real storage spaces. They can hold tools, garden hose, bikes and anything that can be hung. To change the layout of the garage, all of the elements can be moved easily. The furniture is mounted on casters, while for the wall storage, the rails are used to change the location of the elements. The various storage spaces to be placed on the garage walls must have a wheelbase of 20 cm maximum so as not to hinder the entry and exit of cars. When we asked William Guillot what he recommended for the storage of tools, he did not express a preference. The storage table is as useful to her as the maids. Indeed, a table will facilitate access to all the tools while the servant allows her to have her tools where we tinker.

Choose the location of your DIY corner

Ideally, the DIY corner should be placed at the bottom of the garage. Thus, the wall storage will be placed on the sides thanks to channels. This space must be well lit, neon or LED lighting is required. The DIY corner like the garage as a whole, can benefit from a touch of decoration. Indeed, today there are coatings specially designed for these spaces too often neglected. Via its Racedeck.fr site, Univers Garage offers resin or polymer coatings. Available in the form of slabs, they are guaranteed for 15 years.


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